Ghostbusters the Artbook

I was delighted when Printed In Blood reached out to me to review the “Ghostbusters Artbook.” Especially since I have the opportunity to review it before it’s release on May 25th, 2020. As a professional artist with a love of Ghostbusters I couldn’t be happier to give this book a review.

But First,

let’s judge this book by it’s cover.

The 9.5″ X 13″ hard cover book has an eye-catching design in neon colors with a big bold Slimer front and center by artist Bill McConkey. Obvious care was put into the printing choices. From the high quality prints on heavy glossy photo paper, to the pairing of matte and glossy details on the cover, this book is stunning.

Behind the Cover

The Ghostbusters artbook has a nice flow, with illustrations curated into sections starting with poster art and moving on to focus on specific characters and movie moments.

Sprinkled in between

are are small blurbs from the artists.

Each illustration is labeled with the artist’s name. And sprinkled in between are are small blurbs from the artists talking about the artwork they created, why they love Ghostbusters and what the franchise means to them.

I really enjoyed these little blurbs as they added a lot of personal charm to the collection. This aspect of the book gives me the same feeling as bumping into a bunch of fellow cosplayers at a comic con. It’s that instant feeling of bonding and being understood the way only people in a fandom can manage.

Illustration by Fiona McCall

There was one detail that I found disappointing. That was the lack of information about the medium of each illustration.

Most artbooks will list what the artwork was created with – it’s medium. Whether it was digital, copic markers, oils, or watercolors, etc. For the average reader this would not be a big sticking point. But for an artist, such as myself, it is. When I buy an artbook it is not only for the eye candy and inspiration, but to learn from as well. Seeing how another artist uses a medium is a powerful way to learn new techniques and concepts that can be worked into your own art.

Ghostbusters artbook open on a black and white stripe background. pages are open to illustrations of a Slimer attack
Left- Jason Queen. Right – Roberto Duque

Apart from that one detail, I think the book is something particularly exciting to explore. Each turn of the page reveals new art to delight the eye and spark that warm feeling of nostalgia.

Included in the press release I was sent was a little backstory about how this book came together and it’s this that stands out to me.

The people behind the creation of this book, are not only fans of the Ghostbusters franchise, but of the artists creating fan art. This book represents something powerful. And it’s that intangible aspect of a community forming around a shared love of something that is pure magic. In this case, that’s Ghostbusters my friends.

So, even though it’s missing the details on how the art was made, I don’t think it detracks from the overwhelming amount of joy I experienced while exploring the book.

The Ghostbusters Artbook would make a welcome addition to any Ghostbusters collection. 5 out of 5 stars. #Ghostbusters @PrintedInBlood

Want a closer look at more of the artwork in this book? You can see it in my video review:

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