The light at the end of the quarantine is just ahead my friends, but if you’re going a little stir crazy and running out of horror content to binge, there are a whole bunch of entertainment options out there for you.

Damon and the community over on the Slasher app put together an incredible list of things horror fans can do to stay entertained during lock down. I wanted to help boost the post. 🙂

Want to skip my chatter and get to the goods?

Go to Have fun 🙂

While you’re here, I wanted to highlight 5 of my favorite things from the list.

1. The Slasher App

The app itself is a lot of fun. As you would expect from a bunch of horror fans, everyone on there is incredibly nice. Someone is always hosting some sort of a horror-themed game, debate, or live movie viewing (all online of course.)

Also, as someone who geeks out about clever design, I have to mention that the app is full of it. Loading animations that move like blood dots, little ghost icons, and everything’s in black with red. It’s the perfect little hide away for horror nerds. If you sign up, come friend me and let’s play horror movie bingo. 🙂

2. Slasher Musicians Playlist

I have been spending a lot of time either in illustration-deadline-mode or de-stressing with Minecraft lately. Both activities need music to keep me happy and I have been enjoying the heck out of the Spotify playlist Slasher set up. And by listening to artists on Spotify- those artists are making ad revenue! So it keeps me entertained and feeds an artist at the same time. Win win!

3. Embrace the Film

I didn’t know I needed a puppet’s thoughts on horror movies until I saw it. But now I’m hooked! I love the puppet aspect, because I’m a nerd for Muppets, and I’m loving the way they edit their videos. My favorite so far, are the Top 10 Tuesdays series. Check it out:


I so admire websites that are able to keep up with the latest genre news. There’s a sea of information out there, and it’s places like that I turn to for the latest info. For example, did you know that AWA Studios is releasing free digital copies of their upcoming releases? Well… now you do and you can read all about it here:

5. Tiny Horrors

The fastest way to my heart may be through mini horror stories. And has them in spades! Gruesome and gory, and a whole lot of shivery fun.

Go have some fun 🙂

Once you check out the full list, let me know- what are your top 5?

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