A star-studded project is about to enter the scene and needs your helps to bring the magic to life. But I’ll get to that part.

About Parasite in the Park

Parasite in the Park follows the story of a young boy that gets infected by an alien parasite and begins to wreak havoc on his neighborhood. This wild ride will feature actress Tuesday Knight (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master), legendary co-founder of Troma Entertainment, Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger), veteran special effects artist Vincent Guastini (The Last of the Mohicans, Requiem for a Dream, The Taking of Deborah Logan), and Lovecraftian inspired orchestral composer- Graham Plowman.

With a stunning cast like this, there is bound to be magic. But, as someone who has spent a lot of time working in the Art Department on Horror films, it’s the SFX I’m the most excited to see from this project.


Vincent Guastini will be involved with bringing the Parasite itself to life. And with his incredible resume it’s going to be pure monstrous magic.

Included on the project page are some early concepts for the Parasite.

I’m fascinated to see how they end up bringing this design to life. I mean, the brain-digging tendrils and the human-spine armor alone offer a lot of potential for gnarly encounters.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept

Parasite in the Park is currently raising the funds it needs to make the film happen with only a few days left to go! So, if you would like to see this project take shape, visit indiegogo.com/parasite-in-the-park and chip on in.

Please note: This page contains affiliate links so if you decide to support Parasite in the Park a small portion of your pledge will be shared with this blog without any additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting Indie Horror!

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