Tonight! (A few hours after this blog post goes live) the Fang Sisters will be performing for the Shockfest Film Festival as part of their Macabre Mansion virtual escape room event. The event is being broadcast live in Times Square on their biggest screen, The Godzilla. So, if you’re reading this anytime before 8:30 pm on July 27th, 2020- stop now, and go check out their performance:

Otherwise, let’s get to know the Fang Sisters, two of the lovely contestants competing to become hosts for the Shockfest Film Festival.

Q: Tell us about your characters, What are they like?

Christine: Estelle, Hell’s Belle, is a vampire from the Deep South. She owns a 24 hour Saloon and she sings and writes songs and plays instruments. Her Southern hospitality is on point (and so are her fangs!). She is very friendly and comes across sweet to her victims…. until she serves them for a drink!! 

Sarah: Esmeralda is a beautiful dancer from Colombia that was turned into a vampire and now dances from club to club luring her men with her hypnotizing belly dancing. We really do make a perfect pair! 

Q: How did the two of you get teamed up to be the Fang Sisters?

Sara and Christine: We were paired together as a part of an ensemble challenge for the audition of a horror host role for Shockfest Filmfest that we are both auditioning for.

Q: What’s your favorite scary movie?

Christine: My all time favorite scary movie is The Exorcist!

Q: What do you love the most about horror films?

Sara: I love the rush of getting really scared, but knowing that I’m safe at home or in the theater. 

Q: What was something that terrified you as a kid?

Sara: Honestly, my brother’s room. He was a huge metal head with posters of demons on the wall and his room was in the basement. There was always loud thunder-like music pounding from under the house. My grandmother and mom used to tell me that if I was bad, the devil would reach up from under the ground and pull me down to hell (I love them dearly, but I must admit, I was a bad kid and not much got me to behave). So, naturally, I thought my brother was the devil.

Christine: Wow!

Q: What are you doing to prepare for your Zoom performance on July 27th?

Christine: Well, I have been making custom pieces for my special outfit that I will be wearing for our segments of Fangin’ Out. I’ve also been writing and putting the finishing touches on a song that will be performed during the broadcast. I’ve been hounding all my friends and family to watch and vote too!!

Where can people see your next performance?

Everyone can tune in on Monday, July 27 @ 5:30pm PST / 8:30pm EDT via Facebook. Like and follow Shockfest Film Festival 2020 Facebook page and watch the live stream there. Or, go to the MACABRE MANSION event link on the page and purchase a ticket for $13 to be a part of the virtual escape room experience and vote for your favorite Fang Girls, Estelle and Esmeralda! 

Here’s the Eventbrite page:

Q: How can people get in contact or follow you for more?

Instagram @iamchrissyo, Facebook : Christine Olsen, or check out my website with links to my music and YouTube:

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