After reviewing Kerry E. B. Black’s newest novel, “Season of Secrets,” I was curious to hear more about how book one of this new series came to be. So, I did what any good curiosity-fueled blogger would do- I asked her for an interview. And she was kind enough to join us today to share some, “behind the scenes” details about her new book.

Where did, “Season of Secrets,” start for you? 

Kerry: “Season of Secrets” started as a personal challenge. I’d been told I wasn’t a “real writer” because I’d not published a novel. I’m a lover of short stories and drabbles, so much of my work falls in those categories, but the jibe made me wonder if I could write a novel. Once I was in the groove, the adventures of Casey and her friends fell in place, though.

Short stories are about conservation of language. Every word matters. So, in novel writing, I realized instead of staring down the key, individual plot, I could explore more of the characters’ lives and experiences. It’s a lot of fun! (My hope is that this enjoyment will be passed along to the reader!)

Jeanette: As one of your readers, I definitely think it shone through!

“‘Season of Secrets’ started as a personal challenge. I’d been told I wasn’t a ‘real writer’ because I’d not published a novel.” -Author Kerry E. B. Black

What other books or experiences influenced your writing in this book? 

Kerry: Everything we read or hear – heck, everything we experience! – influences us, right? As an avid lover of reading, it would be hard to pinpoint the actual literary inspirations for this book. I can say I’m unabashedly in love with some writers’ works, though, so perhaps they had stronger “says” in my wording. Ray Bradbury, Shirley Jackson, and Neil Gaiman, and of course Stephen King spring to mind. Television shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” too, with its Scooby Gang.

What kind of research did you do for this story? I am especially interested in hearing more about the Native American elements.

Kerry: In my lifetime, I’ve met shaman and showmen. The first are sincere, the others hustlers.  The Three Rivers Indian Council has some wonderful native teachers, and in my travels, I’ve been blessed by learning from many amazing people.

As for the school, Old Nor’Eastern is an amalgamation of several colleges and universities I’ve had the pleasure of either attending or visiting, but adjusting to campus life is a universal. 

I have a daughter who’s a sociology major, and she helped with the mental health issues encountered.

What part of the story came the easiest for you?

Kerry: Strangely, Casey’s post-ceremony visions were the easiest, but then again, I was raised on Hammer Films.

What part of the story was the most challenging?

Kerry: My heart goes out to anyone in Casey’s family situation. Untreated mental illness affects everyone in that home.

Where can people find more of your work?

My website:





and Bookbub.

I’ve been honored to have several of my short stories performed by other artists on You Tube! “Season of Secrets” and one of my short stories, “CarNex Storm” are available on Audible. (I’m playing around with You Tube myself, so if you dare watch cringe-worthy me reading a scary tale, check it out.)

My books are sold on Amazon and B&, through one of my publishers, Tree Shadow Press, or where fine books are sold. (I love Independent book stores, don’t you?)

Or Contact me. I will happily sign your purchased books, and I even gift wrap! 

Thank you so much Kerry for taking some time to share more about your story with us!

If you, dear reader, would like to read Kerry’s newest book while supporting at the same time, you can purchase a “Season of Secrets” via this affiliate link:

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Thank you for reading!

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