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          In my novel, the title character, Clover, goes on a wild adventure that starts in New York City and brings her all the way to Ireland, the faerie realm, Las Vegas, and back. Along the way, a number of locales are featured in her story, some real, others imagined. So, put on your virtual walking shoes and join me on this magical Clover-inspired tour.

YMCA 63rd Street – REAL

Clover, an avid swimmer, goes to the YMCA on 63rd Street for her daily laps. Here, she can unwind and relax, but when she spies a tall shadow lurking by her lane, her workout quickly goes from calming to disturbing.

Deli Belly – IMAGINED

Clover’s favorite deli, across the street from her high-rise apartment, while based on numerous delis scattered all lover Manhattan, is actually not real. I wish it were, though. I just love that name!

Madison Square Park – REAL

Shake Shack Madison Square Park | New York City NYC | Reviews, Menus, HoursClover and her best friend Andie love to go to Madison Square Park to frequent their favorite outdoor burger place. While the name of the restaurant wasn’t mentioned in the book (It’s Shake Shack), both the park and the burgers are one-hundred percent real.

Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and Limerick Tunnel – BOTH REAL

In the book, Clover rides a magical taxi cab that can teleport to and from any bridge and tunnel in the world in an instant. One moment she’s in New York City, the next she’s in Ireland. While this mode of transport is unfortunately very much imagined, the tunnels do in fact exist.

Singsing Correctional Facility, Ossining NY – REAL

Clover’s poor dad, Nick, has had his share of bad luck, unfortunately landing him in Singsing—which is as real as rain. One destination on the Clover tour you may wish to avoid in real life.

Villa at the Mirage, Las Vegas – REAL

At one point in Clover’s journey, she’s hiding away in a fancy Las Vegas villa with a group of faeries and humans. Since leprechauns have pretty much unlimited funds, they were high rolling it at the Mirage.

Station Island on Lough Derg, entrance to the faerie realm – REAL AND IMAGINED.

While Station Island does exist, there has been no evidence to support that it indeed hides a portal to another realm, but if you’re ever Ireland, you’re welcome to see for yourself.

“Clover” by Nicole Kilpatrick

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy/ romance

Cover Artist: Ashley Redbird Designs

Tagline: Sometimes the best of luck can be the worst of curses.

Book Description:

When a handsome leprechaun reveals himself to Clover O’Leary on her eighteenth birthday, she is faced with three hard facts. One: he is the reason for her remarkably charmed life; Two: her luck has now taken a turn for the worse. Three: her name is a curse; a malicious gift from the powerful leprechaun who named her while she was still in the womb.

In order to get her life back and undo the evil spell, she must travel to Ireland to seek the only creature who may be able to help: the Seelie Queen. With her intriguing leprechaun in tow, Clover crosses into the Faerie Realm, where fairies and mythical creatures abound and where finding her luck may ultimately lead to finding her love.

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About the Author

Nicole Kilpatrick was born and raised in the sun-kissed Philippines islands, but now works and lives in the asphalt jungle that is New York City. A lifelong lover of books, she read the Godfather when she was twelve and instantly fell in love. While she still enjoys the occasional gangster novel, she has since discovered her true passion in young adult fantasy. Mario Puzzo was quickly replaced by J.K. Rowling in this author’s heart. 

When not writing, she can be found lounging in a cabin by a river, curled up at home reading a book, or concocting recipes in her cozy kitchen in Brooklyn, where she lives with her husband. Clover is her debut novel.

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