A single spark planted the seed
That created the incandescent incident.

Her spark, lightly landing.
My breath, entirely encouraging.
Our connection, ultimately unfurling
To transform a world once a stranger to warmth
Now set ablaze by smoldering roots 
That take hold in neglected embers.

We become wildfires
That transform the terrain by
Bursting forth as wildflowers.

We scatter particles of the past up
To join the other memories
As distant stars.

Making room,
For the blossoming potential of now.

-Jeanette Andromeda 1/12/22

About the Poem

In honor of this Valentine’s Day I wanted to share something that celebrates where I am today.

I know a lot of my poems lately have been the dark and brooding type. (And you better believe there’s more of those on the way lol). Life did get pretty dark there for a while, and poetry has been a helpful outlet for me to process some of the feelings surrounding the divorce. But those thoughts are running on a limited timeline now as there was a major turning point in mood and mental health that took place when I decided to really embrace being gay and met my girlfriend, Alix. Soon, you’ll start to see that reflected in my written work. Unfortunately, this blog is a few months behind my notebooks thanks to how long I spend editing.

Between Alix’s wicked sense of humor and carefree attitude, she has a knack for getting me out of any brooding moods I wander into. And thank goodness for that! She’s been a huge part of me finding my creative spark again and I’m looking forward to sharing more of our adventures, creative projects, and yes- even love poems in the future. For now, I hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s day. ❤

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