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Immortal Alexander

Writer of dark fiction @ , Writer/Director of Haunting Light webseries, Human, epic daydreamer, and taker of naps!

Question Block

Traveling down a darkened tunnel Moving slowly Don’t let them see you Emerging on the other side Don’t let them see you Small creatures Little legs with furrowed brows Waiting to run your way With malicious intent A spotlight shines down in the center of the arena You […]

Death from Above

It’s a lovely day for a walk. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping, wait. Those are not normal birds. Their wing span is immense. They have long sharp beaks, and they are circling above me. The large maple trees adorning each side of the street give […]

A Delicate Balance

We balance on a wire Our weight shifts to keep us steady Our gaze fixated on a single tangible goal The flea does not care about where we are headed It cares not for what is tangible As we remain focused, and grounded It travels between the folds […]

I’ll Carry On

A long trek Through the woods Through the dark Inside myself I’ll escape the dark I’ll push through the mire I will reach the daylight I will reach the sun Though there is always a shadow at my back I will look forward Push on Make choices Make […]


Heart beating Chest pounding Can’t breath Mind is a hurricane of thought and emotion A closed box unable to open Explosive force with nowhere to go No way to escape The death of a thousand suns Feels like everything all at once Drowning inside your own head Pain […]