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Jeanette Andromeda

I am a little bit of many things. A blogger about books and horror, an artist, a YouTuber, a filmmaker, and amateur author.

Here are a few of my many endeavors: - horror blog for reviews, interviews, artwork and more. - home to my web-series, video reviews and play troughs of media's horror genre. - Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, reviews, art and more. (still in the process of being built) - my personal adventures in film-making and the world of art. This can currently still be found on

#HorrorHaikuesday Walks the Plague’s Last Night

#HorrorHaikuesday with artwork from June’s featured artist, Juan Cornejo.

This night, Death stalks us,
Harvests our exhausted souls,
bringing sweet relief.


Arise #HorrorHaikuesday

With crying of crows,
Drowning of souls, The lady
of the lake has come.

Artwork by Juan Cornejo

#HorrorHaikuesday #writingcommunity #prompt

Magical Butterfly Adventure

Recently, I was having a particularly stressful moment in my life. I had been to the ER several times for various issues and was super stressed out because I was also aggressively job hunting at the time. That day Alexander said, “Let’s get away for a bit.” And we bundled up in the car and went for a couple hour drive to this little place in Massachusetts called, Magic Wings.