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Packing Horror Haikuesday

Hello my friend, another #HorrorHaikuesday has come to call and I’m once again taking advantage of not being at my day job today, to share things as they are made. To inspire you, here’s the #horrorprompt of the day #horrorprompt no. 25: consuming — #horrorprompt (@horrorprompt) August […]

Horror Locked Haikuesday

Happy #HorrorHaikuesday! I’m making the artwork on the morning of, once again. Mostly because last week’s snapchat was a ton of fun. But also because I spent the last week traveling around on planes and hanging out with my grandma. (She’s almost 90! And still totally a cool […]

Horror Haikuesday: Welcome

♥ — post author — Jeanette Andromeda —♥ Welcome back or welcome for the 1st time my friends to this week’s edition of: Horror Haikuesday First up, some wicked words from our horror made resident poet, Patrick Rahall. Welcome I opened the door. And that’s how I’m killed. They […]

Horror Haikuesday: Refusal

Hello hello my loverly fiends, welcome to this week’s installment of Horror Haikuesday Our Horror Made resident poet, Patrick Rahall is kicking things off: Refusal I release my blood. They scream, curse and pound the door. Won’t let them turn me. And now from the land of hashtagging: […]

Horror Haikuesday: Daylight

Happy Haikuesday my talented friends! Let’s jump right in, shall we? ♦ ——- ♦ First up, a poem from the Horror Made resident poet, Patrick Rahall. aka @PatrickRahall in the twitter-verse. Daylight Silver bullets? Check. Maps to the monsters’ homes? Check. Revenge? Soon to come. ~@PatrickRahall ♦ ——- ♦ Next […]