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How Pastel Goth Aesthetic Saved My Visual Branding

I have been actively trying to keep my visual branding consistent across platforms, blogs, and even my artwork. The chosen aesthetic? Pastel Goth. Now, what exactly is Pastel Goth?

A Shift of Focus

This is more of a personal post than a structured and prepared one. But *shrugs* whatevs. So I’ve been thinking a lot about the content I’ve been creating and sharing here, as well as trying to answer my own existential musings revolving around, “What do you want to […]

Fever Dreams

Hello my lovelies. I almost ended up skipping the post for today entirely, but I managed to get some Gatorade and bread in my (I’ve been fight some dreadful stomach bug this week) and while I’m at the computer I wanted to share a few random exhaust-o-brain thoughts with […]