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Fever Dreams

Hello my lovelies. I almost ended up skipping the post for today entirely, but I managed to get some Gatorade and bread in my (I’ve been fight some dreadful stomach bug this week) and while I’m at the computer I wanted to share a few random exhaust-o-brain thoughts with […]

The Evolution Store in NYC

Hello Friends! Another late post today, the excuse for  which was a full weekend of bachlelorette partying in NYC. I was dead to the world from 9pm last night to 11:30 this morning, so… there you go. While out on this adventure of lingerie shopping and visits to […]

Gilette Castle – CT

Tangentially tied double feature today, first off is my video review of American Vampire by Scott Snyder and Stephen King and then the post looking into the history of Gillette Castle, as promised in the video. Now for the historical goodness. Atop the east bank of the Connecticut […]