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#HorrorHaikuesday Tetramorph

No choir needed,
Triple souls sing arcane words.
Then, madness takes hold.

#HorrorHaikuesday #inkdrawing by @nemesisinflux #haiku by @jeanetteandrome. #amwriting #writingcommunity #prompt


#HorrorHaikuesday Betrayer

Hello Haikuesday crew! Ready for another day of horror and digital mayhem? We have our guest instagator with us today, the talented artist Samuel Bazdresch. Sam brings classic oils to a whole new world of horror pop-culture. To Inspire You: Today’s painting is “Rose Beheading Harvey,” Oil on […]

#HorrorHaikuesday Slasher

I am so excited to introduce you all to this month’s featured artist, Samuel Bazdresch. Sam has a wicked way with oil paints I think you’re all going to adore. (I know I’m in love with his humor and skill already).  Sam is a ​St. Louis based artist […]