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#HorrorHaikueday in the Wych Elm

Today’s piece is inspired by a true crime mystery. Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm? Back in 1944 a skeleton was found inside the trunk of a wych elm tree by some kids that were poaching on private property. Despite being afraid of getting into trouble, the […]


All Aboard #HorrorHaikuesday

The echoing strains of winter still grip my world. Yet only days ago I saw the briefest flicker of sun. I know the end is near. Well, the end of winter any way. 😉 Even though the endless expanse of grey sky is promising yet more snow in […]


A #HorrorHaikuesday Family Portrait

To Inspire you:   Family Portrait Beneath their chilly calm demeanor they plot hu- manity’s downfall. ~Jeanette Andromeda Featured Woman of Horror: This poet and author of horror is a powerhouse of creating unsettling tales. A.F. Stewart is the featured woman of horror today. And I know I’ve […]


The Necromancer of #HorrorHaikuesday

How to make new friends:

One stack of body

parts and your handy dandy



#HorrorHaikuesday Love Potion

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I wanted to bring a little love into the conversation today. A twisted love that is. *cackles* Today’s post includes A little inspiration A shout out to one amazing lady horror creator The poetry you created last week And a Valentine’s […]


When the Abyss Answers #HorrorHaikuesday

Welcome to the 1st Haikuesday of February! February in the Horror world means Women in Horror Month. Each week, along with the usual artwork and poetry I will be shouting out of my favorite lady horror makers. To Inspire You: When the Abyss Answers The boiling abyss floods […]


#HorrorHaikuesday Greets the Super Blue Blood Moon

Something incredibly rare is going to greet our skies tomorrow morning. A Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. Which, in America at least, hasn’t been seen since 1866. Here’s what says a “super blue blood moon lunar eclipse” actually is: A Blue Moon is when two full moons happen […]


Furious George and the Curious Case of #HorrorHaikuesday

To Inspire You: Messing with the Monkey What could go wrong? After years of pokes and prodding And hours of teaching and testing What damage could a super-intelligent Monkey do? That’s what we thought. Until the day the bananas got involved… ~Jeanette Andromeda Created by You: Last week […]


She Claims #HorrorHaikuesday For Her Own

To Inspire You: Claimed For Her Own Through the howling winds of the frozen night I can hear her footsteps fall with a hollow clunk clunk clunk as she crosses the creaking boards of the ship’s deck. Each hollow fall of her heel signaling one less beat beat […]


A #HorrorHaikesday Summons

Although I can hear death’s rattle today, I will not answer it’s call. (Don’t worry, too much about me, I’m just feeling mellow-dramtic about a head cold.) But woe is me! For with each wheezing breath I find the vibrant colors and joy of life fade around me […]