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How Pastel Goth Aesthetic Saved My Visual Branding

I have been actively trying to keep my visual branding consistent across platforms, blogs, and even my artwork. The chosen aesthetic? Pastel Goth. Now, what exactly is Pastel Goth?

Gothic Wedding

Today my wonderful Mary is getting married to an equally wonderful man, Brian. My attention and efforts have been hyper-focused on helping them out with all of the things that come with weddings. Now, these two are not having a gothic wedding, but they are both super bad-ass […]

The essence of how to Rockabilly

What’s Rockabilly you ask? It’s that vintage fashion you see on fun, artistic looking individuals. It’s the fashion that takes the silhouettes of the 1920’s-1950’s and mixes in modern touches. And it’s the styling I lust after when I’m getting bored with my gothy wardrobe. Which happens because […]