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Hellraiser Home Decor

  The Horror Home Decor Collection continues with a trip into Clive Barker’s Hellraiser today. Because what’s more relaxing than a home built on the visual concepts of pain and  exquisite suffering. (Just so you know, A few of the following links are affiliate links, so if you purchase […]

DIY Apothecary Jar

Horror Made crafts? Yes! Why? Because my friends, one of my super powers is making something simple look like something baller. Thanks to my years of painting sets for theater and making props for film I feel I can successfully share my knowledge with you to help you […]

Vampire’s Kiss – Horror Home Decor

Today in Horror Home Decor-land is our 1st requested look, the Nicolas Cage edition. This look was requested by ReyShelley after the Rockabilly Monsters Home Decor Post: Rey also said that her favorite Nicolas Cage movies were the Vampire’s Kiss and Face/Off, neither of which I’d actually seen before, […]