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40 years

Each day is a miracle A thing of beauty to behold There are no demons on this day No dark deities No Monsters to behold On this day I was brought into the light for the first time On this day I was born Curiosity filled every part […]


In the corner of my eye A darting shadow A prick on my skin And a presence felt through malice The dark one The one who inserts vile images in my mind Images of death and worse When I am sad When I am lost Always there Waiting […]


Ham radios are a fun pastime Broadcasting to only a select few It’s like sharing a secret world no one else can find Unless you want them to I like to tinker I add strange parts that aren’t supposed to work Strange parts from my grandfathers collection The […]

the night stalker

In the dark places it hides The night stalker The one who knows your fear Knows what you’re hiding Below the floor boards In the basement In your backyard It knows and it’s coming Bite your nails Begin to sweat with anticipation Anticipation of the inevitable Dark deeds […]