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Hap: Horror Haikuesday David Bailey

Hello my friend and welcome to a fresh new Horror Haikuesday, with July having arrived I’d like to introduce you to this month’s featured poet, David Bradley Bailey, whom you may know better as @Dbfuturist42. David is a writing and blogger on and has been one of the #horrorhaikuesday crew pretty […]


When I am awake, the world is quiet. I don’t like sleeping at night. It’s really no fun at all. Tonight I am going exploring. I climb down to the floor and look up at the world so big and dim. Dressers look like skyscrapers and walls are […]

A Brief History of Slenderman

Oh, Slenderman, you tall, many tentacled, paranormal figure with no face in the back of old photographs. Despite your sordid history, I find you inspiring. Your stark white featureless face shines like the moon above the inky blackness of your crisp suit. Oh, Slenderman, you infamous internet character who inspired dumb kids […]