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Knight in Paper Armor

If “Stranger Things,” “Maximum Ride,” and “Fahrenheit 451,” had a baby in a world where mega-corporations owned everything you just might get “Knight in Paper Armor,” by Nicholas Conley.

Lost – Part II

  Last week we had part 1 of Lost, so if you missed it, click here to read the first section of the story. Also, reader beware: there are descriptions of graphic gore contained int he story below. Lost -Part II —— by Immortal Alexander —— I scanned my […]

How to Battle Horror Fatigue

Sometimes you find yourself drifting in an ocean of blood and being totally unaffected by it. It happens to the best of us. (I think…) All-horror-all-the-time can start to fade your reaction to the medium. So, how do you bring back you horror joy? I suppose the easy answer […]