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WARNING: This tale contains scenes of graphic violence. Enjoy! Good day kind sirs and madams. Lend me your ears for a while and I will tell you a tale most fantastic. Of course a saucer of milk would be appreciated for my effort. A bit of tuna or […]

Burning The Midnight Oil

Dimly lit corridor, flickering fluorescent lights mixed with a orange glow of incandescent bulbs. A constant electric buzz makes my ears ring. It’s late. Like three a.m. late. My nostrils burn from sulphur laden air emanating from the incinerator. That’s the first thing you get used to as […]

The Dave Hincy Code

♥ – Post Author – Jeanette Andromeda – ♥ Good [your current time of day] to you my bookish fiends! This week’s book review is for the audiobook edition of The Dave Hincy Code by Richard Ainsworth, book II in the Widdowshins series. If you haven’t read Book 1 yet […]