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Horror Haikuesday: The Floor is Screaming

This week it’s all about your poetry, Patrick and I are now polishing up our collaborations to publish them. When? *shrugs* once they’re ready I suppose. 😉 But that’s a topic to continue on another day. For now, let’s keep making it creepy in here. ♦————-♦ #HorrorHaikuesday@horror_made@pulphaiku@Dbfuturist42@eXtremeKylieG Freak […]

Vampire’s Kiss – Horror Home Decor

Today in Horror Home Decor-land is our 1st requested look, the Nicolas Cage edition. This look was requested by ReyShelley after the Rockabilly Monsters Home Decor Post: Rey also said that her favorite Nicolas Cage movies were the Vampire’s Kiss and Face/Off, neither of which I’d actually seen before, […]

Horror Haikuesday: Welcome

♥ — post author — Jeanette Andromeda —♥ Welcome back or welcome for the 1st time my friends to this week’s edition of: Horror Haikuesday First up, some wicked words from our horror made resident poet, Patrick Rahall. Welcome I opened the door. And that’s how I’m killed. They […]

Flesh Cravers

Ok, there are a lot of Zombie books, but have you ever read a YA zombie romance novel where zombies live underground and co-exist with fairies and travel through mirrors? I just did. This was another book I got while at the CT Horrorfest. And I spoke with […]