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Happy Halloween!

Apparently my scheduled posts were all kinds of fail this weekend. However, here is the brand new music video for the Haunting Light (the web-series Immortal Alexander and I created). Farewood is the name of the band and they will have a new album coming out later this […]

Creeps McPasta & my life 7 hours later

Recently, while scrolling  through the internet, feeding my addiction to audio-horror-fiction I stumbled across this amazing YoutTube channel by Creeps McPasta that, if you haven’t discovered yet, I think you are going to enjoy massively. Mostly because I binged about 7 hours of his videos without even realizing it… […]

Horror Haikuesday

Every Tuesday we write, we imagine and we horrify. And sometimes, we help each other out. You’re beautiful people and remind me of it often. And for the Month of May I wanted to feature a poet and micro blogger who’s been a huge help in making Horror Haikuesday grow. […]