Hi guys! If you’re on this page it’s because you are either already part of the #HorrorMadeHop2015 or you want to be.

#HorrorMadeHop (3)

A little background:

I started this hop because there was a particular blog tour I joined last year that I thought was the best thing ever. It retired this year and I still wanted to have the digital equivalent of a Halloween party with a bunch of my blogging buddies.

I did find out why that awesome blog hop was retired though. And since I want you guys to understand the inner workings as much as me I’ll tell you why it failed:

Too many hoppers were talking about only themselves and pushing sales.

I think we can be more amazing than that. So If you’re involved in the hop, here’s what we’ll all have to do to make it successful:


  • Create a post that is thematically tied to Halloween
    • if you do want to promote something you’re selling, just add it at the end as a “Hey, if you liked this post, then you’ll love my thingy thing”
  • Offer a cool prize for the people joining the hop
  • Post a link to the official #HorrorMadeHop page at the top and bottom of your post
  • Tag at least 2 other Hop Stops every-time you share your post
    • I’ve created a list of tags so everyone can just copy paste as needed
  • Re-share every-time you are tagged in a post
  • Add one of the #HorrorMadeHop banners to your post

What we can do to engage our audience more:

Try to collaborate with your audience.

Here’s a few examples:

  • My Halloween post will be made up of things shared through the #HorrorMadeHop tag. So people who aren’t bloggers get a say in the Halloween extravaganza post.
  • Hali (poeticfootprints.wordpress.com) is thinking about asking for people to leave 5 words in the the comment section which will be made into a brand new poem.
  • Ask for a comment that will alter your next post or inspire a song, or a drawing, or something.
  • Ask for a joke, and the best 5 ones will be read during your next podcast.
  • Basically just have fun and be engaged with the folks visiting.

Other than that, Have fun!!

Here’s the Image resources you’ll need for sharing:

Here’s where you’ll find everyone’s twitter and instagram handles:


@horror_made @sarahseado @PatrickRahall @chrisdsav @ScreamSisters @ShadowsatDoor @DynamoMArz


@jeanette_art @dynamomarz @sarahseado @patrickrahall

If you can think of anything else that would be helpful, Let me know!