Horror Made Events

I attended the NYC stop of the No Sleep Podcast live tour and while Dan Foytik, Immortal Alexander and I were grabbing drink at a bar before the show we struck up a conversation with our bartender. We’ll call her Christine for the sake of this story.

Christine was a big horror fan and frequently read all of the stories onf the No Sleep Reddit. We mentioned the show and the John Carpenter Live event we went to last year. So Christine said, “Is there a calendar where all of these cool horror events are listed?” Sadly, the answer was no… But then I thought, hey, that would be freakin’ helpful!

To be able to go one place an find out about all the cool live events happening in horror? Well, I’ll take a crack at it. Why not?

This probably isn’t a great long term solution to our horror-fan-club problem, but perhaps, it’ll make it just a little bit easier to find something fun to do for a little while.

If you have a horror themed event or book release day you know of send me an email with “Event” in the subject line and I’ll add it to the calendar here.