Hello My friends!

This is and will be the home page for the:

Halloween Horror Made Blog Tour!

Every blog on this list of links will be offering some delightfully Halloween-themed posts.

Instagram/ Side Bar
Instagram/ Side Bar

Pop from one blog to the next to enjoy a wild and exciting tour of the interwebs horror offering.

The Horror Made Tour Starts at 9:00am est on Monday October 26th with new content everyday. So make sure to stop by often!

Here are the blogs joining the tour!

  1. HorrorMade.com
  2. radioofhorror.wordpress.com
  3. dynamomars.blogspot.com
  4. vespertinehouse.wordpress.com
  5. www.shadowsatthedoor.com
  6. arealmessybeautifultwistedsunshine.com
  7. pjrahall.blogspot.com
  8. www.facebook.com/screamsisterspodcast
  9. www.facebook.com/MzDooM
  10. www.facebook.com/doomdollz

If you have a horror blog and would like to be part of the crawl hit me up with a message to be added to the tour.