The Ghost of Bacon Past

Last night wisps of bacony perfume tickled my nostrils as I was finally drifting off to sleep. “Mmmm, breakfast for dinner was such a good idea, although it’s totally weird that it still smells so fresh.” My brain perked up, “hey, wait a minute! Who’s cooking bacon at […]

Comic Review: Hack Slash

Back when I visited Savannah Comics in GA the owner, Chuck, was incredibly generous in gifting me a big ol’ stack of Image Firsts series of comics. (Thank you again Chuck!) I, being the lover of both free things and comic books was absolutely thrilled about it! So, since I […]

Top 10 Epicly Dark Music videos

*** Warning – this post will batter your eyes with disturbing and sometimes graphic content*** So, enjoy 😉 ———- 10 ———- Mary Jane’s Last Dance – by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers ———- 9 ———- Going Under – by Evanescence  ———- 8 ———- Animals by Maroon 5 ———- 7 ———- Dragula – by Rob […]

Past Demons

Tangled in the grasping hate Pulled beneath the swarming The black cloud clings to us Obscuring our efforts Absorbing our will This spiteful multitude gorges on us Tearing tiny strip after tiny strip Of what little good is left  In the tombs of our souls A rip A tear […]