That’s me! Being a sassy Podcaster.

I talk about podcasts a lot, in fact a good number of you guys come to my site because of the post Top 10 Horror Story Podcasts that Will Terrify YouI will be bringing more lists of this variety in the near future, which you can find a link list to on my List of Podcast Lists page. I’m also adding voice to this collection as well.

9th Story


I Co-host with Dan Foytik on the 9th Story. And coming this January, Immortal Alexander and I will be taking over the show. We’ll be bringing a decidedly Horror slant to everything.

Which, fun fact,  the 9th story was one of the 1st podcasts I ever started listening to when I first got an iPhone.

We interview authors and creators of all types about the art of storytelling. Getting deep into the subject of how stories are made. With the new season we’ll be sharing story readings to the conversation as well.

The Wicked Library

TWL-Cover-611-JA-1200x1200The Wicked Library is a fully produced horror story podcast that shares a new short story every episode along with an interview with the author at the end. And as of this season, I’m the person doing the interviews! I also continue to contribute to the show through artwork for episodes. (Like this one for the Neil Gaiman Episode!) 🙂

I love the broad range of horror sub-genres you get by listening to the show and I, personally, have been exposed to a lot of authors I would have never discovered otherwise.

Scream Sisters

screamsisterslogoI also contribute to the Scream Sisters Podcast.

The Scream Sisters is a show where these lovely ladies discuss the many facets of horror through; film, literature, and lifestyle. (“Lifestyle? ” you ask. Yeah, like going to conventions, collectibles and making an income as part of a vampire troupe.) Misty Pentdragon, the show’s fearless leader does some fun interviews with horror celebrities and filmmakers while out on her adventures too.

The Lift

The Lift is a storytelling podcast kind of like the Twilight Zone. All of the stories connect to one location and one key character, a terrifying yet helpful little ghost/girl named Victoria. I fell in love with Victoria back when she was just a character on the 9th Story, and now she has an entire show. I create artwork for the show, like you’ll see in the gallery below, but I’m also writing an episode for this upcoming season. So keep an eye out for that.

Society 13


Society 13 is the podcast network I’m now a member of. Over there you can find all sorts of podcasts from Historic hauntings with History Goes Bump to Horror reviews with Dead as Hell, and a bunch more. If you’re looking for something new to listen to, I definitely recommend checking the site out.



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