Hello Friends 🙂

If you would like to advertise on Horror Made then you found the right place!

I consider and treat my sponsors a little bit differently than most sites will, because if you’re supporting me in my blogging and artistic endeavors then I want to be entirely invested in what you are doing as well. That means a very personalized experience for you.

A Side Bar Ad is $100 for 30 Days on the site – this comes with at least 1 Tweet mention per week

A Sponsored Video depends on the type of video and the video will live on forever in the land of YouTube.

That looks like the following video. It is a custom time-lapse art piece that will play out something like this:

A Sponsored Contest is $50 for at 30 day long contest on the site – This includes  1 daily Tweet mention everyday of the contest, and a weekly mention on the Facebook page.

For my Indie Authors – I am reserving an affordable side-bar ad every 30 days for a book or author to be featured. I know promotions can get expensive and I want to continually be here to support you. Message me for details on this.