If it’s your first time here: welcome welcome welcome!

There’s a lot to read and I’m happy to help you find your way. There are a few places I recommend starting with.

Horror Made Creators

13603234_1111772468846033_9127072265872054719_oI, Jeanette Andromeda, and Immortal Alexander are the creators and curators of this little blog. If you’d like to learn more about us, pop on over to our About page.


Many people first find Horror Made because of my posts about podcasts. I created a page so it’s easier to find just those types of posts: The List of Podcast Lists.

I am also a podcaster and you can read more about my shows on my page cleverly titled “Podcasts“.

Short Stories and Poetry

the-night-wisperersWe share tons of Horror short stories and poetry on this site. Some are made by us, some by guest writers who submit their work to us. (FYI- At this point in time we trade my artwork in exchange for articles and stories.)

Immortal Alexander brings a new short fiction or poetry piece every Wednesday. One of the fan favorites is Post Election Depression, but if you’re not feeling political I recommend checking out The Night Whisperers, that one has a fun flair to it.


horrorhaikuesdayOCTOPUS6I have also been bringing a collaborative game to Horror Made through Twitter. Every Tuesday I pick one poem that is shared using the hashtag #HorrorHaikuesday and create artwork to go with it.

Sometimes I write a poem of my own, other times I will feature one of the incredibly talented people who play the game with me each week on Twitter. If you’d like to read some of these poems you can check some haiku out here.

How did Horror Haikuesday get started?

Horror Haikuesday began as a collaboration with the Author Patrick Rahall and will shortly culminate in the release of an actual book! I’ll most certainly be posting that here once it’s released, until then I’d point you in the direction of Two Sentence Story Tuesday to see how it all began.


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