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Alice in the Basement

Once upon a time I had a YouTube channel called Haunting TV. I made all sorts of videos. Ghost tours, book reviews, movies reviews and Let’s plays to try and fill the world around our pride and joy webseries- Haunting Light. During that time Immortal Alexander and I […]

Krampus and #HorrorHaikuesday

Ho Ho Horror Haikuesday everyone! Hear those jingle bells Smile, you’re on the naughty list Krampus is coming #HorrorHaikuesday — A. F. Stewart (@scribe77) December 13, 2016 Now, a story disguised as a poem: A crackling fire, The coal Santa gave was the perfect kindling. Joy flickers through […]

Horror Locked Haikuesday

Happy #HorrorHaikuesday! I’m making the artwork on the morning of, once again. Mostly because last week’s snapchat was a ton of fun. But also because I spent the last week traveling around on planes and hanging out with my grandma. (She’s almost 90! And still totally a cool […]