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Two Sentence Story Tuesday: Possessed

Horror Made presents: Two sentence story Tuesday: Possessed Written by Patrick Rahall and artwork by Jeanette Andromeda I’m so sick of getting possessed. At this point, it’s like sitting on a crowded bus. More about the author: He Blogs: pjrahall.blogspot.com He’s Published: Patrick Rahall’s Books on Amazon He writes about the Paranormal: paranormal-association.com More […]

Summer-Time Ghost Stories

It’s June! And to me that means it’s officially summer! And as the season for campfires and fire-fly nights awakens I find myself reminiscing on some of my favorite ghost stories from my childhood, and how my fascination for all things ghoulish told around a campfire or under the […]

The Ghost of Bacon Past

Last night wisps of bacony perfume tickled my nostrils as I was finally drifting off to sleep. “Mmmm, breakfast for dinner was such a good idea, although it’s totally weird that it still smells so fresh.” My brain perked up, “hey, wait a minute! Who’s cooking bacon at […]