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Immortal Alexander here for another #FearFridays poll. Here’s the result from last week. You’re in your yard. U see a snowman with his stick arms open wide. Everytime u blink he gets closer. What does he want? 38%A heart. His is missing. 23%A corncob pipe 23%Just a nibble […]


Bright as daylight yet lacking color. The trees, the pleasing smells of pine, and of the cool night air. The night air that tastes metallic and reeks of dead men lying in a battlefield. The pads of my feet gently collide with the soft dirt as I trod […]

Weirdo Wednesday

Last night I went on an adventure to the hidden hipster mall of Lowell MA to experience an evening of cult cinema called Weirdo Wednesday. Imagine you’ve just stepped into a wood paneled elevator with me for a moment. The silence is awkward as we both admire each […]