Tag: Apocalypse

Tell me when I’m dead

Are you a “pantser” or a “plotter”? No, I’m not even going to explain what that means. Why? Because we have a guest post from horror author Steven Ramirez who’s going to do a much better job of explaining what that difference is and how that worked into […]

Horror Haikuesday: Clown

Welcome to Horror Haikuesday, the collaborative creation of the author Patrick Rahall for the wonderful words and myself for the artwork. Happy Haikuesday! Clown The clown is smiling. And why shouldn’t he be? My blood covers him. And since you guys were awesome enough to leave me a two […]

Mad Max: Fury Road

Very action. Much Apocalypse. Extra wow. Ok, so, I enjoyed the heck out of Mad Max when I saw it this week. I was drooling over the insanely detailed production design, gained an instant crush on Nux [played by Nicholas Hoult] and I will absolutely be purchasing a copy […]

Flash Fiction Challenge

WARNING: there is some adult language used in this post. Artwork is: “Snowcrash” by Pene Menn I rush up the stairs of the apartment building, the red dot marking my target blinking weakly on my field gps screen.  Shoving my phone back in my pocket I risk a glance […]