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Herd of #HorrorHaikuesday Nightmares

Closing lids, flashes
of red, scratches of our frail
reality missed.

A #HorrorHaikuesday to celebrate the new collection by @BlackKerryblick #writingcommunity #writingfam

Triplicity is out!

I’m officially as legit of a book reviewer as I can be. Check this out!!! Yeah, my review for Triplicity is now a blurb on the cover of an honest to goodness book! What a freaking honor. Thanks Books and Boos Press for asking me to review your […]

Can death be a beginning?

Death is the one great change we will all eventually experience, but it might not be the end of it all. In fact, it’s often the beginning of something entirely new. Some new adventure, with perhaps some remorse and heart-ache attached, but a new adventure none-the less. Certainly, […]