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When the Devil Climbs

The book I read today utterly surprised me. Even with the introduction that the author, Drake Vaughn, gave with his guest post, “Help when you need it, on writing Horror.” In that post he said some really interesting things, including Which I thought was really poignant, but I didn’t […]

Bob Non-Union Psychic

What if psychics and ghosts were such a normal part of life that they were unionized?  What if there were things even the union of Psychics can’t see or won’t see? Who’s going to help? Well, there’s one dashing character that will- and his name is Bob. He’s a Non-Union […]

When we die, will anyone care?

I think we all find ourselves asking that question in our darker moments. And, if you’re anything like me, you find yourself meandering through the memories of your life and feeling… painfully ordinary. But even those of us who live the simplest lives, we really do make a […]

Carrot Field

Today I’m bringing you something a little different, something that tells the story of an epic adventure, a world split apart by war, racism, and greed. One filled with menacing beasts, and intelligent monsters who bring chilling thoughts of our current political world to my mind. And it’s […]