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The Thorn Princess by Bekah Harris

Ivy Hawthorne, a girl largely shunned by her parents, classmates, and seemingly rest of the world, starts to notice some strange things happening in her life. Animals have started intently watching her and her dreams are coming true.

Haunted by Darkness

September 17th marks the beginning of Halloween festivities here on HorrorMade! We are going to have a month and a half run of guest posts, poetry, and books galore to celebrate the season of pumpkin spice and socially acceptable batwing shirts! Today’s guest post contains some poetry and […]

Triplicity is out!

I’m officially as legit of a book reviewer as I can be. Check this out!!! Yeah, my review for Triplicity is now a blurb on the cover of an honest to goodness book! What a freaking honor. Thanks Books and Boos Press for asking me to review your […]