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Packing Horror Haikuesday

Hello my friend, another #HorrorHaikuesday has come to call and I’m once again taking advantage of not being at my day job today, to share things as they are made. To inspire you, here’s the #horrorprompt of the day #horrorprompt no. 25: consuming pic.twitter.com/xpcAvxrPRH — #horrorprompt (@horrorprompt) August […]

Horror Haikuesday: Helpless

Happy Haikuesday my friends! Let’s jump right in, shall we? Our 1st poem is from Horror Made resident poet: Patrick Rahall. ♦ ————- ♦ Helpless No one can help me. There is a full moon tonight. No one can help me. ♦ ————- ♦ Next up, from the Twitterverse: Cinema is […]