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A Brief History of Slenderman

Oh, Slenderman, you¬†tall, many tentacled,¬†paranormal figure with no face in the back of old photographs. Despite your sordid history, I find you inspiring. Your stark white featureless face shines like¬†the moon above the inky blackness of your crisp suit. Oh, Slenderman,¬†you infamous internet character who inspired dumb kids […]

Gilette Castle – CT

Tangentially tied double feature today, first off is my video review of American Vampire by Scott Snyder and Stephen King and then the post looking into the history of Gillette Castle, as promised in the video. Now for the historical goodness. Atop the east bank of the Connecticut […]

Sugar Skull Cream!

Whoops! Sorry for the late post today guys! I thought I had something scheduled for today, but ¬†actually had it scheduled for Friday. *sad trumpet noises* To make up for it, I figured I’d bring you some lovely lovely ice-cream to cheer you up. And the history of […]