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Red Riding Hood

She laid there bleeding out on the freshly fallen snow. Her cape was becoming a darker shade of crimson from her many puncture holes she adorned on her rib cage. Her eyes were fading from a vibrant blue to a more milky color. She reached in her basket […]

40 years

Each day is a miracle A thing of beauty to behold There are no demons on this day No dark deities No Monsters to behold On this day I was brought into the light for the first time On this day I was born Curiosity filled every part […]


In the corner of my eye A darting shadow A prick on my skin And a presence felt through malice The dark one The one who inserts vile images in my mind Images of death and worse When I am sad When I am lost Always there Waiting […]


Ham radios are a fun pastime Broadcasting to only a select few It’s like sharing a secret world no one else can find Unless you want them to I like to tinker I add strange parts that aren’t supposed to work Strange parts from my grandfathers collection The […]