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What if the Legends were True?

Oni, directed by Anthony Pietromonaco, was very well produced. With great camera work, fantastic costume design and transformative special effects.

Silent Hills P.T. Lives!!!

♣ — Post Author — Immortal Alexander — ♣ Ok, so quick confession. The game “Silent Hills” is not being made…yet, but a group of talented filmmakers from Michigan have made a short fan film based on it. Anyone familiar with the “Silent Hill” video game series will be […]

Southbound – Movie Review

♦ post author — Immortal Alexander ♦ Hello fellow creeps and crawly things. Welcome back to another looking into the black mirror of cinematic horror. This time I will be reviewing the horror anthology film “Southbound.” Southbound Release Date: 2015 Synopsis: Five interlocking tales of terror follow the fates […]