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A fog rolls in masking my perception of reality. Sleep is a forgotten memory of cities in the clouds, of monsters, and of most excellent adventures. Real rest comes only to those who have earned it, and I surely have not earned my rest. My pen is unsteady […]

Lost – Part II

  Last week we had part 1 of Lost, so if you missed it, click here to read the first section of the story. Also, reader beware: there are descriptions of graphic gore contained int he story below. Lost -Part II —— by Immortal Alexander —— I scanned my […]

Images From Beyond The Veil

Part of what I want HorrorMade.com to be is a place where (you) my fellow creators can share and learn how horror and creepy things are made. So today, Immortal Alexander is bringing us into the land of photography to explore more of this concept. ♠ —-Post Author: […]

Horror Haikuesday: Faceless

  This first poem was written by Patrick Rahall, artwork was created by me. Faceless He saw it, went mad. Nothing on earth prepared him For the Face of Death.  The next horror haiku was submitted by @tweetsthecreeps onTwitter #HorrorHaikuesday @horror_made @pulphaiku @PatrickRahall Last leaves fall away, Reveal […]