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Immortal Alexander here for another #FearFridays poll. Here’s the result from last week. You’re in your yard. U see a snowman with his stick arms open wide. Everytime u blink he gets closer. What does he want? 38%A heart. His is missing. 23%A corncob pipe 23%Just a nibble […]


Immortal Alexander here with another #FearFridays poll. Sorry I missed last week. The holidays got the best of me. Too much turkey and wine put me in a state of hibernation. Here is the result for the last #FearFridays poll: There’s a ginger werewolf knocking on your door. […]

KNOCK KNOCK #FearFridays

Immortal Alexander here for another #FearFridays poll. Last week I asked: A pilgrim family invites you to dinner. The table is set but there is no food. The other guests eyes turn black. What do you do? Here are the results: 68% Throw some salt and run 14% Give devil horns gesture […]


Immortal Alexander here. Every Friday I put out another creepy survey for #FearFridays. Last week I asked: While wearing your favorite zombie costume you accidentally go to the wrong party hosted by real monsters. What do u do? Here are the results: 12% Use the toilet & escape 19% […]


Immortal Alexander here for our latest #FearFridays poll. Here’s the results and question from last week: A neighbor places something heavy in your treat bag while grinning widely and not breaking eye contact. What’s in your bag? 27% A rock 27% A shrunken head 13% A box of […]