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#HorrorHaikuesday Obession

To Inspire You: Oblivion Wrapped in obsession’s wings, conscience slips willingly into fading thought. ~Jeanette Andromeda Created by You: Last week we were staring down the barrel of Haikuesday, and here’s what you guys created! A shotgun wedding You can’t tell this father, “No.” Till death do us […]

Gilette Castle – CT

Tangentially tied double feature today, first off is my video review of American Vampire by Scott Snyder and Stephen King and then the post looking into the history of Gillette Castle, as promised in the video. Now for the historical goodness. Atop the east bank of the Connecticut […]

Movie Review: Night Watch

Imagine a movie that combines “Fast and the Furious” with “Underworld” and “Constantine.” Got that in mind? Good, now set it Russia were supernatural creatures are either good or evil and the two factions are duking it out for control over future. That is Night Watch. Genre: Action, Fantasy, Thriller […]