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Talented A.F.!

Writing a story or book can be hard enough, but then there’s publishing it and promoting it to the world so that people can FIND your story. It can be overwhelming and intimidating. In our conversation with the prolific author, A.F. Steward, we learn a lot through her […]

Where do I begin?

Welcome back to another podcast Friday! This weekend I’m on my way to the Lilitz Storytelling Festival in PA this weekend with Immortal Alexander and Mr. Daniel Foytik (host of the Wicked Library podcast)! If you happen to be going too, hit me up! We should grab drinks and […]


I wanted to take a brief moment away from fiction and address how I am feeling. Sadness and anger are swirling about me and I wanted to express it in thought. For all accounts and purposes this has been a year I would like to forget. My heroes […]


The frightened thing had been flying mad around old Mr. Winterbottom’s sprawling mansion for days. The little mockingbird was trapped in the home when one of the maids had accidentally left a window wide open while cleaning. It tried to escape many times. Once it even tried to go […]