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Horror Haikuesday: Cycle

Hello my lovelies, today is the best day of the week, in my humble opinion anyway… Horror Haikuesday!! *trumpets and giant frogs ring out their disinterested symphony of squeals in response to my over-exuberance* Our haiku today is brought to you by the talented word-smith Patrick Rahall who […]

Horror Haikuesday: Confession

Welcome to Horror Haikuesday! A happy decaying land of creepy collaboration where Patrick Rahall and one of you loverly readers write the poetry/two sentence stories and I make some artwork to go with it. 🙂 You can check out Patrick’s work by visiting his blog: pjrahall.blogspot.com Confession I […]

Top 10 Epicly Dark Music videos

*** Warning – this post will batter your eyes with disturbing and sometimes graphic content*** So, enjoy 😉 ———- 10 ———- Mary Jane’s Last Dance – by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers ———- 9 ———- Going Under – by Evanescence  ———- 8 ———- Animals by Maroon 5 ———- 7 ———- Dragula – by Rob […]