A bitter wind is almost upon us

Enjoy your indian summer while it lasts

The leaves will soon change

The landscape will darken

And the dead that lie below the earth will reach up high

Ghoul & ghosts will roam the earth

Living and otherwise

Some want candy

Others want blood

Have you made your sacrifices to the autumn gods?

Do you pray for this season to end?

Or are you ready with your broom sticks and your enchantments

Brewing bewitched potion to entice a lover

A simple charm to torture your enemies

Or do you just enjoy the weather

The smell of rotting foliage

A bitter wind

And the sounds of mischievous children

By all means decorate your homes

Stock up on candy

For this is going to be a long, long, dark season

For treats are much less nasty than tricks

And you don’t want to end up a headless spectre


What is your favorite Trick or Treat? Find me on twitter and let’s discuss.@HtvImmortal

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