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Immortal Alexander

Writer of dark fiction @ , Writer/Director of Haunting Light webseries, Human, epic daydreamer, and taker of naps!

The Dusty Documents

January 1st 1939 This is the journal of professor Edward T. Scott. Today I rifled through my late colleague’s office looking for unfinished works when I stumbled upon a box of dust covered files. They were not his, which I found very odd. They were labeled “Top Secret. […]

The Sunken Place

Deep in the pit of nowhere Falling Slowly descending deep within myself Reaching for air Nothing to hold onto A place of Deep Dark Sorrow Then something strange occurs My body moves But I am not the one at the wheel And yet it moves As if driven […]

#FearFridays presents: TRAPPED

Last week Jeanette Andromeda ran a poll. Here’s the results: 🤡 Which puppet movie do you find the most disturbing? 🤡 — Horror Made (@horror_made) March 31, 2017 Apparently Chucky is the puppet that haunts your nightmares 🙃 I can't imagine why. — Horror Made (@horror_made) April […]

Sleepless Nights

A heartbeat It begins low and unnoticed Then quickens A room Enveloped in shadow Where you think you are alone Where you think you are safe Safe inside your own head Safe in a dream Safe in your bed Far away from reality But in the dark When […]