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Immortal Alexander

Writer of dark fiction @ , Writer/Director of Haunting Light webseries, Human, epic daydreamer, and taker of naps!


He is still alive Still here on this earth But it doesn’t feel like it Even though he still breaths Still gets up every morning Goes to work And goes to bed He somehow feels like a ghost to me A shadow passing by Every time I see […]

the goat man

The goat man travels In the shadows of our broken lives In the places we dare not look The goat man travels While we sleep he feeds on our nightmares Our dreams Our Desires The goat man travels When we are alone When we feel no one is […]

Red Riding Hood

She laid there bleeding out on the freshly fallen snow. Her cape was becoming a darker shade of crimson from her many puncture holes she adorned on her rib cage. Her eyes were fading from a vibrant blue to a more milky color. She reached in her basket […]

40 years

Each day is a miracle A thing of beauty to behold There are no demons on this day No dark deities No Monsters to behold On this day I was brought into the light for the first time On this day I was born Curiosity filled every part […]


In the corner of my eye A darting shadow A prick on my skin And a presence felt through malice The dark one The one who inserts vile images in my mind Images of death and worse When I am sad When I am lost Always there Waiting […]