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A #HorrorHaikuesday Brew

To Inspire You: The Witch’s Brew With a wicked grin the chanting began. I could not move to save myself. The potion’s heady scent absorbed my thoughts, and held me fast even as pain ripped through my body and soul. ~Jeanette Andromeda Created by You: Your library book […]

#HorrorHaikuesday Magic

To Inspire You: Magic is amazing isn’t it? Those days were you can levitate your friends off the floor, or that magic potion finally works and you can all make it out of the castle you’ve been held hostage in. Fridays, am I right? 😉 There is magic […]

A Teeming #HorrorHaikuesday

To Inspire You: From my #Inktober Adventures 🙂  The experiment was going well, all too well. Now. How to stop them? ~Jeanette Andromeda Created by You: Last week Edward (aka Nano Horror or @TweetstheCreeps) wrote a long form poem based on last week’s “Taking the Path”. I HIGHLY […]