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Immortal Alexander

Writer of dark fiction @ , Writer/Director of Haunting Light webseries, Human, epic daydreamer, and taker of naps!


  Bloodshot eyes staring at a glowing screen in the dark Sweaty palms, and sweat soaked clothes cling to my body I’m in the zone Only three more levels to go I am the only one awake My blistered thumbs press on through the pain I feverishly press […]


In the space between creation there is nothingness A void where all is barren No light No color No sound A deep calm before the storm rises In the distance an echo stirs An idea? Perhaps nothing at all Perhaps a spark of an idea that was not […]


This weeks short story is based on a life drawing project created by our friend Marc Pettersen. A group of artists would draw live models and create sequential art. A story would be written to accompany the art similarly to a comic book. The art for this post […]


There are those of us that are meant for this world. The world of sunshine, cool breezes, and pop music. Those who reach for the light and the bright cheerful moments life has to offer. Then there are those who find peace in silence. The cold and the […]


Bright lights shone down in blinding beams while paper streamers cascaded from the ceiling in red white and blue. Loud cheers and thunderous applause filled the air. It was done. There was no longer any need for a general election. The primaries would dictate who won the seat […]

FAMILIAR movie review

Last week I had the privilege to interview writer director Richard Powell of FATAL PICTURES about his film HEIR. That film was a horror drama about child molesting and its cyclical nature. The short horror film FAMILIAR however is a story about blame, and regret. Check out the trailer […]

HEIR interview & movie review

Recently I had the privilege to interview writer / director Richard Powell of Fatal Pictures about his latest short film HEIR which is a dark drama with practical FX, creatures, and a very Lovecraft like vibe. Check out the teaser trailer! IA – What got you interested in […]